A People's History of Coffee and Cafes by Bob Biderman


Sonia Delaunay in London
Jessica Galliver
The Paris March of 1/11/2015
Marc Hatzfeld
Cafes of the Belle Epoque
Bob Biderman
Mexico City
Mark Hatzfeld
David Pinder

Street of Dreams
Paul Buck

Alphaville Exists
Chris Darke

Dialogue between My Space and No Space  
Kevin Biderman

The Last Dance Over The Wall
Lisa Selvidge

Jubilee Summer - London 1887   Bob Biderman
Constantinople 1920     
Haig Tahta

Down and Out in   Paris 
Mark Hatzfeld

Helena Walsh

Hogarth and the Seven Dials   
Bob Biderman

Badge of Honor: Coming of Age in 60's Newark  
Sandra L. West
Joy Magezis
A New Take on Newcastle
Jacky Hilary
Letter from LA    
Yann Perreau
Book Review   
Visions of the City by David Pinder
Jacky Hilary
Gaudi Park Barcelona

Romancing Paris Again

Romancing Paris - Again


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Visions of the City Magazine


ISSN 1756-2600


More than the sum of buildings, parks and avenues, cities are complex organisms most often viewed in stereotypical and lifeless form through iconic structures such as bridges, towers and monuments. Yet each urban metropolis is a throbbing concatenation of people from a multitude of backgrounds and origins, weaving a cultural tapestry in a continuous state of vibrant transition. What attracts people to these special metropolitan centres is as much cerebral energy as safety or food. Sometimes there is a particular period when a city captures the imagination – Paris in the 50s, London in the 60s, San Francisco in the 70s. These were particular times of social and intellectual fermentation. But great cities have a special quality that transcends these cycles. To explore the magic of these cities one needs to go beyond the bricks and mortar but also beyond rational, explicit and direct reportage.


Parisian Cafe 1903

Cafes of the Belle Epoque

Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay in London

Paris Metro

Coming of the Paris Metro


Kolkata / Calcutta

San Francisco in the 1970s

Old Street, London

Cambridge Summer

London 1887

Hogarth and Seven Dials

Alphaville Exists

My Space and No Space

The Berlin Wall

Ice, No Cream in Moscow

Ice, No Cream in Moscow