Photos - Joy Magezis


Meandering with River Cam
through summer afternoon
Shallow pond ripples
budding water lilies

On it’s way to town
past common open greens
Cows there munch, stare
in cinematic scenes

Skirting shopping centre
posh new town arcade
Staying with simpler Cambridge
I’m on to Parker’s Piece

Here in central square
Fair, music, French market
More like the old days
with community booths

Age COPE and schools
Humanists, Women’s Centre
families, baby bulge
in city I call home

A foreigner I may be
but now I stand out less
on Mill Road just the norm
as culture mix enriches

Arjuna, health food coop
squatted social centre
small cafés with boards
where I post Reiki signs

Open Studio tradition
seeing art and homes
sharing throughout city
communing of our ways

Summer holiday shift
from uni students to visitors
Foreign language learners
bike on wrong side of road

The edges now seem blurred
in town and gown divide
Market town, Microsoft
keeping city aboom

Then again in September
as the recession bites
with colleges still strong
will townies feel the nip?


Joy Magezis worked for many years as a college lecturer. Her intrductory book on women's studies has been published internationally. She now works as a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner. - Her new poetry book, The Universe for Breakfast is available at -

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